Geared for fun and learning

Geared for FUN and LEARNING

Gear8 Tm is a SCREEN-FREE puzzle maze that takes simple fun to a sophisticated new level, while helping children master physical and engineering concepts, and letting adults relieve stress and relax.
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Gear8TM puzzle mazes offer numerous benefits to both children and adults:

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How to play


Rotate the gears to get both balls into the maze. One ball at a time


Pass the ball from one number station to the next by twisting, tilting and rotating the maze. Beware of the traps!


Get both balls to the final homebases. One ball per finish point

About Play-A-Maze

Play-A-Maze is a family-owned and operated toy company focused on the development of innovative puzzle toys for children of every age. With extensive experience in engineering and early learning, the Play-A-Maze Company is uniquely positioned to create toys that entertain and educate children and adults. This hands-on experience affords the Play-A-Maze Company a unique insight and advanced perspective in the creation of puzzle toys that are challenging, rewarding, and fun to play!

STEM is an acronym for Science-Technology-Engineering and Math. These disciplines, designed into every Play-A-Maze toy, foster critical thinking, stimulate inquiring minds, teach the value of collaboration, and help develop hand-eye coordination while promoting critical thinking and problem solving. To learn more about the diverse backgrounds of the educators and creators behind our innovative puzzles, please continue reading.

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A-mazing Products

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